What can I put on shoes to prevent rubbing blisters on the back of my ankles?

I like to wear flat dress shoes, but the ones I own cause very painful rubbing blisters on the back of my ankle (you know the spot) from walking, whether or not I wear socks. Wearing bandages doesn’t work; they either bunch up or fall off. Is there anything you can do to the shoe itself to soften that back part, or any type of padding designed to fit there?

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  • Comments (5)
    • grumpygal
    • September 13th, 2010

    Check with Walgreens in the foot aisle….I think they now have some Dr. Scholls stuff – some type of adhesive backed moleskin stuff…
    it’s helped me…
    Hope this helped.
    You can check the Dr. Scholl’s website too….

    • ambr95012
    • September 13th, 2010

    Band-Aid makes a special blister band-aid with medication. My mother wears those all the time to prevent blisters from her flat dress shoes. They don’t come off in water and it’s medicated so if you put them on a blister it will take of it no problem. I have worn them before when I put on shoes I know will give me blisters and they help immensely.

    • tori.bird
    • September 13th, 2010

    Try checking out dance shoe stores (if you can’t find one near where you live, try looking online). Dancers get some horrid blisters, so these stores usually carry these small soft adhesive squares that can be placed on the back heel area of the shoe. These work very well: blisters are caused by skin rubbing against a material, so the blister pads stop your skin from rubbing.

    • thor_gare
    • September 13th, 2010

    Omg i had the same problem wid my fav dark pink croc skin from Kenneth Cole.Tt hurts me so much but it was my fav shoe.I wore it for the 1st time and it caused a blister ( like a water pocket ) on the back of my heel.I peeled it off & it sting like no other!I found a solution in one of the pharmacies.They have a few choices of “pads” that u can put on the back to help ease the pain.I bought the one that is made from leather but they have nother one and i cant recall the name & type.u can check the link below for more choices.Hope it works!

    • ShoeRepair.net
    • September 13th, 2010

    Dear, get rid of those shoes right away.. no matter what you add, take away or do to them, there going to be a problem, and your feet deserve better. Contrary to the myth, the shoes will break in, they won’t and adding stuff on them will aggrevate the area on your foot. When shopping for a replacement pair, make sure they either rise above the area of concern, strap over the area, or are backless “mules”. This is a very common problem remedied only by replacement footwear. Now, if you’re absolutely in Love with these shoes, take them to your local shoe repair shop, have them place the back of the shoe that bothers your foot “and I mean the exact spot on the back of the shoe, or along the top edge if thats it” onto the shoe last, the upside down metal thing they use to fix shoes on, and beat the shoe with a shoe hammer about 5 to 10 times relatively hard. This will temper or soften the leather, and or beat out any imperfections between the lining and the shoe, and it will also stretch the leather just enough so that it may not rub against that spot on your fooot any more. I don’t recommend plan b, but I understand a love of shoes! Good Luck!!

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